Ilan Lev method

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I am giving
ILM treatments at Studio Veerkracht on Tuesdays between 10.00 and 16.00 (see below for a short description).
At the moment I am treating on
donation – you decide what you can or want to pay.
Please call or write me to make an appointment (i will explain some further regulations due to covid-19): (i use whatsapp)

Here’s a small introduction to this new method:


The Ilan Lev method is a therapeutic bodywork treatment. It enhances the body’s functions by means of touch and movement, can reduce pain and stress and has a positive effect on the body’s circulatory system.

What happens in a session?

As a receiver, you lie on a low, wide treatment table, fully clothed.
In an ILM session the body is gently moved in an ever evolving vocabulary of playful mobilizations and listening touch, creating a rich and mindful dialogue between the
therapist and the patient.
Movement and flow returns to parts of the body where communication has diminished or is blocked due to fatigue, injury, pain or emotional issues. Within the whole system dialogue is awakened and restored. The session allows the patient to experience new knowledge and refreshed vitality.

Why and how does it work?

The main idea on which the method is based, is that the central nervous system, as well as serving as a monitoring system, also delivers new input from the body to the mind, directly to the sub-conscious in the sensory part of the brain. The logical brain is an obstacle when it comes to unknown information. The sensory part of the brain goes around this obstacle. This direct reception evokes a deep, intensive and joyful learning process.

Treatment and fee

An ILM treatment happens on a low treatment table. Wear comfortable clothes. A first session takes about 90 minutes (+intake), a regular session 60-75 minutes.

To book a session, for questions and information, please call or mail me:

Gaby: 0613687203

Gabrielle Uetz

is a former dancer, has a Master of Arts in Theatre, and is a licensed Iokai Shiatsu therapist since 2006.
During a 3-year stay in Israel she got to know the Ilan Lev Method. Since April 2019 she is a certified ILM practitioner.

Studio Veerkracht is functioning as a platform for her to set up her practice.