As a child I remember my mother practicing yoga with friends at home and this book with photos of an Indian guy in a loincloth doing all these weird poses. Later on when I was in high-school we had some yoga classes for a while.

Around 2006 I started practicing ‘seriously’. I found my teacher, Anat Geiger, and from 1-2 classes a week it slowly turned to 4 classes a week. I was reconnecting to my body and discovering that the physical practice is a doorway to deeper layers. This brought me to take a teacher training in 2013 with the wish to go deeper into the practice and learn more.

I followed the Yin 200h training, Vinyasa 200h training and an advanced Vinyasa training, all with Anat Geiger and Marcel van de Vis Heil. These days I also assist my teachers in their teacher training programs.

I teach both Yin and Vinyasa classes and often combining them both in Yin/Yang classes. I love the play between the two – action and stillness, strength and softness, movement and calm.

In Studio Veerkracht I offer 2 weekly classes, one Yang (Vinyasa) and one Yin which can also be taken as one extra long Yin/Yang class.